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Frequently Asked Questions




Can I move in/out earlier than my lease contract states?

We set our lease dates to meet the needs of our tenants and owners. Only in special situations where ALL parties involved agree to the terms, can the lease dates be changed.


Who is responsible for utilities and how does that work?

Tenants are responsible for activating and paying for all utilities unless otherwise stated in your lease.  These should be paid separate from rent and directly to the utility provider of your choice (some options listed below).  


  • Power – Duke Progress Energy: 919-508-5400

  • Water, Sewer, Trash – City of Raleigh: 919-890-3245 (trash pickup is every Thursday!)

  • Natural Gas (if needed)- Dominion Energy : 877-776-2427


*We recommend you call to schedule activation at least one week prior to move-in to ensure all are ready upon arrival.


Are furnished units available?

We do not have any furnished units available but are glad to put you in touch with local companies and vendors who can assist you with leasing or purchasing home furnishings.


Where is the best place to park my car?

The best options for parking are to use the spaces provided at your home or purchase a City of Raleigh Parklink parking pass.  Requirements and application can be found on on the Parklink Raleigh website.


Rent Collection:


When is rent due?

Rent is due on the first of every month and is late after the fifth of the month. If rent is received after the fifth of the month, a late fee of 5% of gross monthly rent for the unit will be applied to the account.


How can I pay rent?

It is best to pay rent online via e-check through your AppFolio Tenant Portal.  If this is not possible we accept check or money order via mail or in person at our office. If you decide to pay this way please be sure to write your name and unit address on payment form so it can be applied properly as any payments not clearly marked may be counted as late.


What is Pro-Rated Rent?

Pro-rated rent is the amount of rent you are required to pay for the part of the month at move-in and move-out that is not a full month.  The amount you pay is calculated to reflect only the time you occupy the unit.




How can I request maintenance be done at my unit?

The best way to submit and track progress of a maintenance request is to submit it online through your AppFolio Tenant Portal.  The second best way is to contact our office, via email or call 919-825-1776, but always follow up contact with an online maintenance request so that it is logged in our system and it’s progress is able to be tracked by our staff as well as you and your roommates.


How long does it take for my maintenance request to be received?

We do our best to be as responsive as possible.  If a work order is submitted via your tenant portal, you will be able to see in the status bar right away that it was received.  Depending on circumstances, most requests will have a response from our office with a plan of action within one business day. The best way to stay up to date with progress is to track it online through your AppFolio Tenant Portal.


What can I do to help reduce maintenance required at my unit?

There are a lot of ways tenants can help reduce the maintenance required at their unit. Here are a few simple pro-active steps that may help you and your home:

  • Keep your home tidy

  • Seal and store all food in containers or cabinets

  • Do not leave food or dirty dishes out

  • Do not flush hygiene products or anything other than tissue down the commode

  • Learn how to use a toilet plunger 

  • Remove hair from the sink and shower drains after every use

  • Remove all trash regularly and insure trash cans are taken to curb weekly for pick up

  • Replace air filters for HVAC systems every month

  • Use energy conservation recommendations from your utility provider


What repairs are the owner’s responsibility and what are a tenant’s responsibility?

There is a section of your lease that outlines responsibilities of each party which gives the most clear definition. Typically the owner is responsible for the structure and operating systems of the home (HVAC, plumbing, roof, door locks, appliances, etc.) while the tenant is responsible for the items listed on the maintenance form signed before move in (light bulbs, air filters, smoke and CO detector batteries, competent use of provided appliances and systems, repair of damage or destruction of property, etc.).  As the property manager we will repair what is needed and will evaluate on a case by case basis who is responsible to insure the charge is applied appropriately.

Tenant Charges:


What qualifies as a Tenant Charge?

Tenant charges are any charge, fee, or expense incurred as a result of a tenant action or item that falls under tenant responsibilities on your lease.  These include but are not limited to: late fees, NSF fees, maintenance calls resulting from tenant or guest misuse of facilities, damages to property, etc.


Why am I being charged?

As the tenant you take responsibility for your actions as well as the actions of your guests, therefore we will contact you directly to remedy issues needing attention.  Tenant charges are typically assessed to specific tenants but may be assessed to all occupants depending on the situation.  It is best to communicate with your roommates and our office to insure all parties remain on the same page if an event occurs.


How can I pay my Tenant Charges?

Tenant charges can be paid online via your AppFolio Tenant Portal or in person at our office with check or money order.  Charges not paid by time of move-out may be applied to your security deposit.


When is payment for Tenant Charges due?

Payment for Tenant Charges are always due at time of assessment/service. Charges not paid at time of service may be subject to additional fees and/or applied to your security deposit if not paid prior to move-out.

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